Tech Recommendations

Desktops / Laptops


For a true guide on buying smartphones, the smart way, check out my article on the Truth about owning Smartphones.


The mobile market has exploded with much larger phone screen sizes, causing a sharp slump in tablet sales teamed with the fact that they simply do not need to be upgraded as often as smartphones. It is no wonder Steve Jobs didn't want to make a bigger phone, he knew it would affect his iPad sales, and lo and behold, he was right.

Broadband Modem / Wireless Routers

These two products are first and foremost the most important pieces of hardware in your home when it comes to internet usage. With that being said, if you are currently using the equipment your cable company gave you for internet access, you are not only getting ripped off up to $15/month to use their trash equipment, but you are sacrificing network speed and inefficiencies with your home wireless network. Do your self a favor and buy your own modem and wireless router, you will be glad you did. If you need help with installation, contact us.


In general, printers are becoming more and more scarce. There is less and less need to print with so many screens all around us for presentations, sharing images, and official busines done via electronic signature. However there will still be those that cling to this aging technology, for those few, here are a couple of recommendations. TIP: If you are a business and are still giving out a fax number as primary correspondance, good luck staying competitive in this highly digital age.

Other Useful Tech Reccs

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