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With so many options out there, who knows what to buy anymore. This will help narrow down your search for many common electronics such as laptops, cell phones, printers, and wireless routers.

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“Jake was a true professional! I contacted him at 7pm and he immediately assisted me with basic knowledge. I called again after my efforts failed and he told me to bring it to him ASAP, I did, and he had my PC back up and running within 2 hours. I picked it up at 9:30pm. Jake knew exactly what the issue was and took care of business as fast as he could for me. Grateful my man. Thank you!
-Matt Roberts
He is a very friendly guy. I have been having a very frustrating issue with my computer and couldnt figure it out. I took it to him and he tested everything and kept working on it until he found a solution. He also gives you quick updates to let you know where he is at in the process. You can definitely trust him with your computer.

-Colby Sharp

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