• A chromebook is a laptop that runs Chrome OS (Operating System), this is Google’s internet based alternative to Microsoft’s Windows OS.
  • Here is Google’s Official website on Chromebooks HERE.
  • A chromebook is vastly different from a Windows or Mac laptop in that it is built from the bottom up with simplicity, security, and cloud-centric ideals in mind.
  • A chromebook looks just like a Windows Desktop environment with access to a Google Chrome Web browser. So bottom line, if you can do everything you need to do in Google Chrome, you will be just fine with a Chromebook.
  • The newer Chromebooks have full access to Google’s Play Store. This means that any app that you can access on your Android Smartphone or Android Tablet, will be accessible on these Chromebooks. The purchased apps and books will transfer as well if you are using the same account.
  • A chromebook is MUCH more secure than any Windows or Mac computer due to nature of how it was designed. The software does not allow you [or someone else] to install malicious apps on the device. In addition, the Chrome OS software & security updates happen automatically; all you have to do is click the little ‘up arrow’ in the bottom right corner to finalize these updates with a restart.
  • Check out these Chromebook Myths in this good article by a well respected technologist, Mike Elgan.
  • Check out Leo Laporte’s recommendation of Chromebooks. Leo is a Tech Radio Host with more than 30 years experience at This Week in Tech (TWiT).


A chromebook has FREE access to Google’s Office Suite, which is visually and functionally identical to Microsoft’s suite. This includes:

However if you cannot live without Microsoft’s Office Suite, you can use it for free online here.


  • You cannot install Windows or Mac programs, however most of what people do now runs in a browser, like banking and educational platforms.
  • You will NEED a cloud print enabled printer in order to print from a Chromebook.


If all you want to do is surf the web, watch Youtube videos, check Facebook, check email, run Android apps, and maybe do a little document editing in a safe, secure, and easy way, a Chromebook is for you.

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